Website Solutions

Website Maintenance Prevents Down Time

website-maintenanceThe initial publishing of a website is only the first step in online marketing.  Website development is the process of making your site facilitate how you do business.  Website maintenance includes those tasks which keep a website functioning properly.

Website functionality requires routine maintenance.  Keep in mind that the displaying and viewing of any web page on the internet is a series of computers using code and software to implement specific tasks. Technological advances in both hardware and software are constant, creating an ever-changing environment for your web pages. To prevent website down time, scheduled maintenance tasks should be done.

You can easily do what we call front end checks. You should get in the habit of regularly reviewing your site. Check internal links and menus and make sure everything is working.  Make sure images load quickly and pages look correct in various browsers. If anything needs adjustment, those fixes are easily done on our content management system (CMS).

If you have multiple people updating the site, someone needs to consistently review the whole site for quality. Sometimes links are inadvertently broken, or what looks fine in one browser doesn't look the same in another.

Back end maintenance is to ensure that all software updates are installed. Website security updates are done to keep up with weaknesses in systems and to thwart online hackers.  Software updates should be done regularly- usually quarterly.

If you need help with back end updates, we offer maintenance service packages for scheduled maintenance and security updates. Some of our clients prefer to have this service done for them. They have the peace of mind knowing their website is always current, and don't have to concern themselves with staying abreast of changes in software, etc.



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