Website Optimization

MultiMedia Optimization

Multimedia creates dynamic avenues for advertising and marketing. Utilizing multiple marketing avenues ensures you will catch your audience as they gather in different places and gravitate toward different media. Video sharing sites like YouTube were once a place for casual sharing of music videos and humorous antics caught on film. Of course news sites have always relied heavily on the instant impact of video to spread the latest news, but multimedia is becoming an integral part of effective marketing plans for businesses of all sizes.

As online marketing has developed, increasing numbers of consumers would rather watch a video or listen to audio than read paragraphs of text.  Video and audio sharing is recognized for its power in marketing, and is now an advertising avenue available to anyone with internet access.

We know humans love video and audio, but search engines can’t see or hear video or audio files. Yet we need search engines to index these files so our human customers will find them. Search engine optimization of audio and video is very important and should be carefully executed to get the desired results. At Next Step we recommend an integrated approach to all marketing plans, including the standard copy centered webpage and multimedia. We offer optimization services for video and audio to ensure your customers find you.



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